Dear SADD Saskatchewan Chapters,


My name is Amanda Oling and this year, I was honoured to be chosen for the 2016 SADD Saskatchewan Speaker's Tour. 


The Speaker's Tour went so well, that I have decided to open up more dates for Saskatchewan bookings! If you would like me to speak at your school this spring, I have the following dates available for bookings:


March 21 - 24

March 29 - April 6

April 18 - 19

April 22 - May 10

May 26, 27

All of June is currently open for bookings



Below is a description of my presentation:


You’re 19 years old. You have your whole life ahead of you. Earlier this evening, you headed out for a couple of drinks in a bar, but then ended up partying and drinking in a hotel room for several hours. The occupants just decided to end the party, but you weren't ready to go. Now hotel security has just kicked you out. It’s late October and freezing rain is pouring down. You’re cold and wet and in a miserable mood, all you want to do is go home. You make your way across the street to another hotel – but what’s that? A welding truck left running in the parking lot! You look in and around the vehicle and seeing no one around; you steal the truck and head out of town, you’re home bound! 10 miles out of town, you lose control going up a steep hill and skid across the highway. You’re now in the wrong lane and notice a pair of headlights cresting the hill. The alcohol has delayed your coordination – your brain says steer, but your body doesn't react. You hit the other vehicle head on and both vehicles explode. Next thing you know, ambulance workers are over top of you in a ditch, your skin is severely burned and someone is yelling at you saying that you just killed a man. Then the world goes black.

Later that evening, a young woman is sleeping soundly when the doorbell rings. When she reaches the door, her stomach knots up and her heart sinks. On the other side of that door are two RCMP Officers and victim services. She knows her life will be changed forever…..

This above scenario is not fiction, but a true story. The young woman who was awoken late that night by the RCMP was Amanda Oling. Her life was forever changed after a 19 year old, who had too much to drink, stole a welding truck and lost control on an icy highway, hitting her Dad’s small car head-on at the top of a hill. The impaired driver lived, but Amanda’s father died at the scene.

This presentation is Amanda’s own heart breaking personal story combined with her expertise from a 15 year career in law enforcement. Amanda expertly describes how the crash changed her and her family’s lives forever, impacted at least 2 communities, affected the impaired driver’s family & friends, caused financial hardships and even broke up friendships. All this was because a 19 year old made the wrong choice – to drive after a night of drinking. Amanda does not reveal until near the end that it was her Father that was killed that day, which makes this presentation even more unique.

Included in every presentation is the following:

·       Impaired Driving Statistics relevant to youth

·       Provincial & Federal impaired driving legislation and how being charged can affect future employment, travel and other opportunities in life

·        Information on how alcohol and drugs affect the body and ability to operate a vehicle. Includes a demonstration with Fatal Vision Goggles.

·        A full description the crash, the sentence the 19 year old impaired driver received and how his actions caused a “ripple effect” throughout multiple communities and families.

·       A moving slideshow tribute that leaves attendees with just one question – What are you willing to lose?

Life changing, attitude changing, inspiring and impactful were all words used by High School students who saw my presentation during the SADD Saskatchewan Speaker Tour. Their reviews and many others can be viewed on my website at


The cost of the presentation is $1500 + GST per day which means two High Schools can book within the same day and split the cost between them. This cost includes my travel.


If you are interested in booking a presentation for your school, I can be reached by phoning 780-514-0124 or by e-mail at


Thank-you and have a great day!




Amanda Oling

Impaired Driving Prevention Speaker/Keynote Speaker

Northern Spirit Productions Inc.

Box 7, Site 10, RR 1

Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada, T0H 0C0

Phone: 780-514-0124




"I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that; then I realized that I am somebody" - Unknown

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