SGI and the Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project have offered the program since 1997.

By applying for a community grant with your idea for a traffic safety or brain injury prevention program, you have an opportunity to access the funding needed to get your initiative started.

Grant amounts

The average grant amount is $1,000 per project.

Project ideas

The grant program is looking for ideas on the following priorities:

SGI traffic safety priorities

  • impaired driving
  • seatbelt and child car seat use
  • pedestrian safety
  • bicycle safety
  • snowmobile safety
  • aging drivers and new drivers
  • high collision sites

Acquired brain injury priorities

  • sport and recreation injury prevention
  • workplace safety
  • fall-related brain-injury prevention

Proposal requirements

Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Include a well-defined action plan with specific measurable, deliverable and relevant objectives.
  • Develop and implement educational and technical injury prevention strategies.
  • Build or strengthen involvement and support for community groups.
  • Develop local information strategies that support injury prevention efforts.
  • Collaborate with various community groups.
  • Are cost effective and cost shared.
  • Have potential to be repeated or expanded in the future.
  • Offer a structure that can be used for other traffic safety and injury prevention initiatives.
  • Are helpful and useable in other communities.
  • Avoid a conflict of interest
  • Address a demonstrated need in the community.
  • Do not duplicate existing community or provincial programs.
  • Respond to one of the identified priorities.

Proposals should not include:

  • expenses for existing salaries
  • activities that have already been completed
  • administrative functions that are part of ongoing business

Funding for physical improvements or capital expenditures that are not integral to the project will not be considered.

How to apply

Complete a Community Grants application form (pdf, 133 kb) and send to:

SGI Traffic Safety Promotion
5104 Donnelly Cres.
P.O. Box 1580
Regina, SK S4X 4C9
306-359-0312 (fax)

All applications will be evaluated by a review committee made up of representatives from SGI Traffic Safety, the Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project and other groups as required. Late applications will not be considered.

Application deadlines

Applications are due by Oct. 31 and Feb. 28 each year.

The October project grant applications will be awarded by Dec. 31 and the February project grant applications will be awarded by April 30.

For Further Information, Please Contact:





  Tim Spelliscy
Provincial Director
4141 25th Avenue
Regina,SK S4S 6S8

Ph: (306) 757-5562
Fax: (306) 757-5569