Team SGI

  If you have been to one of our conferences, you will probably remember Team SGI members: providing technical/set-up assistance .... leading motivational activities ... introducing speakers ... losing their voices ... etc!

The Details

  • Each year approximately 10 SADD members are chosen to serve on Team SGI.
  • Team SGI members provide valuable assistance during the Provincial Conference, assisting with our technical needs, room set- up, introducing speakers and serving as courtesy ambassadors for all delegates.
  • Team SGI may also be required to assist with other events during the year.
  • For their assistance, Team SGI members receive "Team SGI" clothing and complimentary registration and accommodations for the Provincial Conference.

How Can I Become A Member Of Team SGI?

If you would like to assist us with some of the areas mentioned above we encourage you to apply for Team SGI.

  • In addition to their involvement with their SADD Chapter, Team SGI members should exemplify a good attitude, punctuality, a good spirit of cooperation, etc.
  • Team SGI applications are available to all SADD members.

Download & Print The Application Form!