Young Speakers

  This program was developed to take advantage of the benefits of students talking honestly and passionately to other students about drinking and driving - and answering their questions. It provides students with additional positive role models.

  • This program will provide registered chapters with trained student speakers at no cost to registered chapters.
  • The presentations of Young Speakers will reflect their own personal testimonies and experiences with SADD.
  • Chapters interested in booking a speaker should contact the Provincial SADD Office.

Our Current Young Speakers

We currently do not have any young speakers. Why not think about becoming one yourself?

How Do I Become A Young Speaker?

  • To be accredited as a SADD Young Speaker, students must submit a written presentation and attend a 1-day seminar in Regina (expenses paid).
  • Presentations should be approximately 20-30 minutes in length.
  • The chapter manual includes information that can be helpful in the preparation of a presentation. Members of your Provincial Board of Directors / Board of Representatives, the Provincial Office and your Advisor may also be of assistance
  • Young Speakers will receive continued support from the Provincial Office and may also be encouraged to meet with a member of "Toastmasters" in their home communities.
  • Young Speakers are reimbursed traveling expenses and paid $25 for each presentation.
  • Please contact the Provincial Office for more information about this program.

Download & Print The Application Form!