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Nicole Nakonechny Memorial Award


SGI provides a bursary of $1,000 to the school that receives the award each year. The winning school also receives the Nicole Nakonechny Memorial Plaque for display in their school for one year.

To qualify for the award, a school must complete an application form and prepare a summary of their activities for an entire year.

Nicole Nakonechny was a student at Meath Park School, near Prince Albert. She was one of the pioneers of the SADD movement in Saskatchewan. She was one of the founders of her school's SADD group in 1987. Meath Park School was one of the first chapters in Canada.

Unfortunately Nicole was never able to see the success that SADD was to become. In late 1987 she was killed in a collision not involving alcohol. Before being killed, she designed for her chapter a new SADD logo. In 1988 her logo design became the logo for provincial SADD in Saskatchewan and has since been adopted by SADD groups in Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia, and the North West Territories.

In 1989 SADD established the Nicole Nakonechny Memorial Award to recognize Nicole's contribution to SADD and to encourage young people to follow her example. Since 1989 the award has been given out annually to the SADD chapter which has been most active in that year.

A list of all previous winners can be obtained from the SADD Saskatchewan office.

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Sarah Dunleavy Memorial Scholarship

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  The Sarah Dunleavy Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 academic bursary given out to a student preparing to go into their first year at a post-secondary institution in the upcoming fall. Please note that this does not necessarily mean a grade 12 graduate. For example, someone who took a year off school after graduating could apply if they are going to a post-secondary institution for the first time in the fall.

The winner will be chosen based on their commitment to SADD and its values over the individual's entire school career.

In 1988, Sarah Dunleavy was one of two people killed when a multiple repeat offender driving impaired deliberately forced the car she was in off the road causing it to crash.

After the crash, Sarah's mother, Roxana Dunleavy, fought impaired driving, first in the courts, and then by speaking to students. In 1990, then SADD President, Rhonda Korinetz, suggested a scholarship be set up in Sarah's name to reward a student who has made a major contribution to SADD. The award was presented for the first time in 1992.

A list of all previous winners can be obtained from the SADD Saskatchewan office.

Stan Dyck Memorial Award

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  The Stan Dyck Memorial Award is given out annually to the adult advisor who has made an outstanding contribution to his/her SADD chapter. Adult advisors are nominated by their students.

Stan Dyck was a teacher and SADD Advisor from Swift Current. After his sudden death in 1992, a student from Swift Current asked SADD to establish an award for SADD Advisors in his name.

A list of all previous winners can be obtained from the SADD Saskatchewan office.

Membership Awards

One award presented to the chapter with the largest number of members and one presented to the chapter with the largest percentage of it's school population with SADD membership.

An application is not necessary for this award. The Provincial Office determines the winner based on the individual memberships submitted during the year.

A list of all previous winners can be obtained from the SADD Saskatchewan office.



RCMP Leadership Awards

Leadership Award Medals are presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their SADD chapters during the school year. Students are nominated for these awards by their teachers or fellow SADD members.

Approximately 8 Leadership Awards are presented each year.

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Builders Awards

Presented to individuals who have been active in SADD during high school and who have continued their participation in SADD after graduation.

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Inductions Into The SADD Hall of Fame

Awarded as the occasion arises

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