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First hand stories filled with compassion and knowledge. A connection with the audience and a challenge to think about choices when driving.

Hear from those who have made choices and those who live either with their own choices or the choices of others. Choices like speeding, having a few beers or not wearing a seatbelt. Choices that may have confined them to a wheelchair for life. Killed a sister, a best friend, a son. Saddled them with remorse, or sadness.

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Michelle Golebiowski
My Voice, Your Choice:
Proof that imapired driving kills
Kevin Brooks
My Story
Ted Swan
Anatomy Of An Amnulance Call
Cara Filler
Shayne Stoll
Tom Melin
Forever Changed
Joey Cowna
Mark Shylak
Fredrek "Owen" Lima
Nolan Barnes
Amanda Stuhl-Oling
Natasha Urkow
Cheryl Dupuis
"Danae's Song"
Cory Johnson
Matt Evans
Quinn's Story
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